Accommodation Map

By using the tab ‘Accommodation list’ you will be able to access listings of accommodation  used by pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena.  The Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome, an association supporting English-speaking pilgrims from all over the world on their journey to Rome, has created this map to enable pilgrims to plan their accommodation.  The map allows you to select different types of accommodation (donation-only, bed and breakfasts, campsites, hostels and hotels), or to search by town or area.  Particularly in France, where accommodation is still difficult to find, using the map will allow you to adjust your route based on which accommodation you wish to stay at.  If you have difficulties using the map, or questions regarding a listing, please use the ‘contact form’.  

If you have found the accommodation list helpful, please give back by taking some time to add listings or to leave reviews.  

Add listings:

To add accommodation to our list please visit this page: Accommodation Form.  You will need to create a login, after which you will have access to the form.  Please be sure to include a website where possible and details of the price of the accommodation under section ‘place description’.  

Reviewing accommodation:

To keep the listings up to date, we are relying on pilgrims leaving reviews of the accommodation.  You can do this by visiting the listing for the accommodation and clicking ‘reviews’.  Please leave comments regarding your experience and if there are any changes in pricing.  You can also use the ‘contact form’ to notify me of any inaccuracies in the listing.  

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