Thank you everyone for your applications.  The funding has now been allocated. 

Funding available to students and alumni of the Kent European Centres to participate in the initiative ‘Kent on The Via Francigena’


A limited amount of funding has been allocated by the Dean of the European Centres to enable students and alumni of the Paris, Rome, Brussels or Athens centres to walk a section of The Via Francigena with Julia Peters (Kent in Rome, 2014).  The funding will cover transportation, accommodation and 15 euro a day stipend for food.  

How to apply?

Please take a look at this website including information on the route and what this initiative is about.  If you think walking for 4-7 hours a day through towns and countryside in France, Switzerland or Italy sounds like an amazing experience and you believe you have the necessary level of fitness then I would encourage you to apply by sending an email of enquiry using the contact form.  Please include your name, email address and your connection to the Kent European Centres.  You will receive (via email) more specific information on the trip, including a list of the dates and locations of the route and the distances travelled in those days.  Once you have selected dates you would like to apply for please reply to the email with a motivational statement describing why you wish to participate, what you believe you will contribute to the initiative and what you expect to gain personally from the experience


In promoting the Via Francigena and the Kent European Centres the most significant contribution by participants will be posts on this blog that connect their academic area of interest to the Via Francigena.  There are many possibilities, including architecture, art history, history, archaeology, creative writing, languages and so on.  The intention of inviting participants from various academic backgrounds and research interests is to discover new ways of understanding the Via Francigena as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

 Applications due?

I’ll continue to accept applications until I run out of funds.  This is not a competition. Any applicant who demonstrates a willingness to approach the walk with positivity and an awareness that the road will not always be easy will be considered.   If you are interested then do not hesitate or you may miss out.


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