Useful Information

Useful Information for planning your trip on the Via Francigena


  • The routevia fracigena map is 1200 miles (about 2000 km) from Canterbury to Rome.  Whether you are interested in walking the full route, or only a section will find the following information useful.
  • View the pdf list of the 79 stages I did for my trip including: km/day, accommodation used and price of accommodation 

Stages and Accommodation in pdf .



  • The pdf above lists the accommodation I stayed in, but there any many types of accommodation available along the route. I generally stayed in the pilgrim (economical) accommodation where possible.  Accommodation is bests organised by country

What to Pack


How much money you will need?

  • this is an important question that many prospective pilgrims have asked me.  Regarding my own trip, including accommodation (see price list), food (average 15 euro/day), the flight back to the UK from Rome and the ferry from Dover, I spent 3.200 euro (about 40.50 euro/day).
  • For accommodation – The expensive sections are France and Switzerland, as is clear from my accommodation list.  The route in France goes through mostly rural areas where there are limited choices for accommodation. As I was walking on my own I decided not to camp, but this is a cheaper option, as campsites are generally available and you can always stay in a B & B when you need some extra comfort.
  •  For food – I wanted to enjoy the food along the way and therefore, did not try hard to economise on this.